Why Don’t You Like Me? Increasing Facebook Fans

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Why is my fan count so low? Doesn’t anyone like us?  Facebook fans are important to a social media marketing campaign. The more fans you have, the more people will see your messages.  There are many success stories about large brands accumulating thousands of fans a week, and even smaller local brands can catch lighting in a bottle and find huge success in fan growth. Those successes, however, often leave the rest of us scratching our heads.  In order to better understand why they aren’t “liking” your page, let’s look at what makes a typical person want to “like” a Facebook page.

Hey Mister, Can I have your retweet?

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As this year’s baseball season warms up, fans are heading to their computers and phones to keep up to date with what their teams and favorite players are up to during spring training. Athletes in baseball, football, basketball and beyond have been some of the most prolific users of social media in recent years. Twitter, a favorite of many high profile athletes and celebrities, allows immediate, candid communication with hundred of thousands of fans. As players reach out in ways not possible before, a new dynamic is at play, forming a unique, albeit open to interpretation, type of relationship with their fans.

Though these interactions may not form a closer connection in a physical sense, fans are able to have what in some ways, seems like direct access to their favorite players. As Nancy Armour (AP) discussed in more detail recently, fans are not only enjoying their player’s updates on Twitter, they are also getting into the game and seeking a little love in return. How can a fan garner a personal message from their favorite player while also having that very message highlighted for all to see? By soliciting them for a retweet of course! Here are a couple of examples she provided:

Facebook success stories: Marketing lessons for small businesses, too

Small Businesses Can Learn From Major Brands By Mark Whittaker Facebook has published a website containing a series of brief case studies to present itself as an indispensable business marketing tool. The site, www.facebook-sucessstories.com, even has a tagline near the bottom of page: “Social technology that drives business growth.” So far, the site links to examples…

Facebook Adds 60 Timeline Apps

Facebook Adds 60 Timeline Apps
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Facebook gathered reporters in a San Francisco restaurant recently to announce the release of 60 new apps that will allow Facebook users to automatically share more information on their timeline profiles.

The implications for small- and medium-sized businesses aren’t obvious, but we’ll get back to that in a minute.

full list of available apps (I still want to write “applications” instead of “apps”), is on Facebook along with a couple of helpful videos that explain what these apps do. I recommend watching the videos because even I have a hard time wrapping my brain around these things.


Pinterest: Fastest Growing Website in History!

Pinterest: Fastest Growing Website in History

By Shannon Kinney

At Dream Local Digital, we’ve received a lot of questions about a new social network called Pinterest.  The site recently reached 10 million unique users faster than any other standalone site according to comScore. The site now boasts nearly 12 million unique monthly U.S. visitors, and can be a bit addictive. As we mentioned in the last issue, the site enables users to clip images of things they like. Bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicio.us have been popular for many years, but are text and article based. Pinterest emphasizes pictures over text, and allows users to “pin” images they like and share them with friends by “repinning” across the site or other networks. Not only has the site been the fastest to reach the 10 million mark in history, those users are spending a considerable amount of time on the site. In fact, Facebook and Tumblr are the only social media sites that have more time on site than Pinterest. This is one to watch.

Social Media for Human Resources: It’s used more than you think

Social media can be a powerful platform to find candidates, and to screen them for cultural fit as well

We Vote Thumbs UpWhat do your social media profiles say about you?

In a recent presentation for Social Media Breakfast Central Maine, we explored the topic of Social Media for Human Resources – a hot topic recently.  Many businesses are using social media to promote openings, find candidates, and even screen people for potential fit. We discuss this in more depth in the following video: