Authorship Matters According to Google

Like you don’t have enough to consider when posting the “right” content to your blog, Facebook or Twitter pages, or your own company website? Now Google has patented another algorithm to throw off your SEO. Introducing: AuthorRank. If you’re already on the Google+ bandwagon and engaging with your fellow circlers, you’ve tackled half the battle. AuthorRank takes information directly from this network (as well as others) and utilizes it to determine search results. A key factor that affects your numbers is authorship. AuthorRank is just as interested in what you post as who posts it. Be sure to know your blogger’s reputation and what his authority is like on the cyber network. Details like these reveal important information for calculating AuthorRank and may significantly affect your search rank.

Google+ is a Sleeper

I read a wonderful new book by one of my all-time favorite authors this week:  Guy Kawasaki. If you haven’t read his stuff before, I recommend you begin with The Art of the Start.

The Art of the Start: The Time-tested, Battle-hardened Guide to Anyone Starting Anything

This book changed my approach to life.

Now, his book What the Plus:  Google+ for the Rest of Us is changing my perception of social media, what it’s for and how to be an effective contributor on multiple platforms.

Putting Instagram Under The Microscope

Instagram under the microscopeLearning from Instagram’s Mistakes

By Alyssa McCluskey

Instagram has recently found itself under much scrutiny by its users and the press.

Strike One: Instagram no longer allows its images to appear on Twitter.

Strike Two: The site develops a new privacy policy and Terms of Service are updated, which include language that quickly angers users – “You agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata), and/or actions you take, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you.”

Sandy and Social Media

Even though hurricane Sandy was well forecasted and its possible implications conveyed to the general public well in advance, its impact and devastation will affect all of us for quite some time.

Even if you live somewhere typically unaffected by hurricanes, you may face other disasters such as earth quakes, fires, floods, tornadoes, ice storms or blizzards. Do you have an emergency plan in place should such havoc affect you and your family. How would you communicate when power is out, the roads are impassable and you are stranded away from home?

Create Characters Who “Get” Your Company

In order for customers to “get” your company, you have to “get” them! Who are they? What do they do? Where do they come from? What are they searching for?

If you’ve ever written or read a short story, book, or play (who hasn’t?!), you know what character development is and how important it is to the story’s arc and ultimate success. Writers everywhere spend countless hours, months, and years investigating and creating their characters’ lives. By the time they start at chapter one, they know each character like he or she is their best friend, sister, or even him or herself. Marketing your company’s products or services is a similar playing field, presenting you with the challenge of creating buyer personas. These fictional models represent the spectrum of ideal buyers who will want to purchase your product or service. With these personas, you will learn exactly what strings to pull to attract customers. Aligning your marketing strategies with your target audience is tricky business, but the end goal will prove worthy of time investment.

Facebook: A Merger Opportunity You May Want To Consider…

Sometimes your first attempt at something can be a complete mess.  I remember trying to bake a pie in my high school cooking class, only to fail miserably.  My cooking partner and I struggled every step of the way, only to have the crust completely fall apart as the pie was going into the oven.  Luckily, my teacher was kind enough to let us make a second attempt during the next class.  The second time around, with the right kind of crust, the proper measurements, and much less stress, we baked a delicious pie!  It just goes to show that the first try doesn’t always work out the way you expect.

The same could be said about creating a Facebook page for the first time.  On your first attempt, perhaps you didn’t know anything about the site, how it functions, and what you should use it for.  A few years later, you decide to create a brand-new Facebook Business Page with custom tabs, beautiful photos… the works!  However, that first page is still out there in the world of Facebook, and you have some fans that “like” your initial page.  Instead of trying to drive these fans to your beautiful new Facebook page, wouldn’t it be nice to make the two pages into one?

Geekbook 12.13 | An Internet and Online Media Zeitgeist

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I was offline a bit yesterday so catching up on some ‘old’ news today too. Today we’re talking about Google Maps, the Pope on Twitter, and lots of interesting, insightful year-end reviews.

BREAKING: Ambassador Susan Rice withdrawing her name from consideration for US Secretary of State, @NBCNews reports

  • Google Maps: It’s ok to leave the house…Google Maps for iPhone is back! – The New York Times

Geekbook 12.11 | An Internet and Online Media Zeitgeist

Welcome to Geekbook —  Capturing the daily buzz in social media and online marketing & design, as well as trends and cultural topics that are helping shape and inform today’s readers. Send comments or ideas to For more from Dream Local, go to our Daily Dose blog.

Similar to yesterday, not a lot of trending activity, however lots of geeky social stuff to report. Tribune Co. looks to sell its papers, Facebook Gifts is here for everyone, Pinterest integrates with Twitter (the opposite of what Instagram just did), and more…Also, don’t forget, tomorrow is 12/12/12!