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“Word of Mouth” travels faster today than any other time in the history of mankind. Have a bad meal at a restaurant and post it on Yelp, share it on Facebook and Twitter, comment to a friend and see how quickly your social graph is questioning their next dining decision at that restaurant.

There are several hundred local search, directory and review sites on the web making it virtually impossible for a business owner to manage them. Add to that, monthly data feeds from large data companies that could possibly undo all of the hard work a business owner put into managing their presence and you can see that the best business owners are looking for support.

Reputation Management by the Numbers.

According to Nielsen-

  • 90% of consumers rely on reviews from people they know and…

  • 70% of consumers rely on reviews from other consumers on the internet more than television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc..

According to Opus Research-

  • 80% of local businesses consider that word of mouth attributes to half of their activities.

  • 77% of local business owners check their reviews manually online.

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