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LinkedIn Company Pages – New and Improved!

LinkedIn has updated the appearance of its company pages to make them more appealing and give businesses better ways to display their updates and products and services. The update also makes company pages viewable on mobile devices for the first time.

LinkedIn has more than 161 million registered users, and more than two million companies have created company pages. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. The redesign of the company pages will help LinkedIn keep up with the constant changes and improvements in other media sites.

The first thing you will probably notice is the cover image. Now you have the power to customize your company’s cover, background and banner to show your customers your company’s personality.

If you already post company updates on your Facebook or Google+ accounts, now customers can find you through a post on your LinkedIn Company page. Customers who are searching for a product, service or deal that you might be offering can find this through a LinkedIn post, you will also have the ability to post offers such as e-books and webinars, which will generate traffic and leads to your website.

As part of the new design, a section called “Overview” was added. This section gives the first impression to whoever is viewing your company’s page; you have the option to list information such as:

–        Why would someone be interested in your company

–        When was the company founded? By whom?

–        Any noteworthy accomplishments by your company

This section will also mention any company updates, including job postings and new hires. This is basically where your company would communicate important messages to your audience. You will also have the option to customize the target audiences with specific updates. You will also be able to track performance and analytics of the number of impressions, clicks, percent of engagement and number of shares that your updates are receiving.

Another small change you might notice is a few items have just changed their location on the page. The products and services section is now located on the right along with how you are connected to this company. Now you are also able to stay connected to company pages through the mobile app as well. Before the mobile app only allowed access to people profiles and not company profiles. There are no major changes in the company page, but it is much more customizable and has a similar feel to Google+ and Facebook’s company pages. With an easier-to-navigate and customize company page experience, you can now display your company’s products, services and job opportunities to members and prospective customers.

This article was written by Brian Pelletier – Sales and Online Marketing Strategist at Dream Local Digital. Brian is originally from Massachusetts and studied business management at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. He has experience working in many different aspects of business from finance, sales and customer service. The past few years he was director of marketing and business development for a construction company in the Boston area where he helped them to established new customers and managed many high end projects. He is excited to bring his experience and enthusiasm to Maine and join the dream local team as a marketing strategist where he will continue to help companies develop themselves. When he is not in the office you can find Brian fishing the coast and many streams in the Portland area and skiing throughout New England. You can reach Brian at [email protected].

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