Use social media contests to engage your audience and build your email list.

Automated processes and data collection have made it easier to run social media promotions, sweepstakes and contests and reap their often-considerable rewards. Add the indisputable reach of social media marketing, and you’ve entered a new era, with results that will probably exceed your expectations.

Why Give Things Away For Free?

Anthony-John-Day-Spa-ContestChoosing the right kind of promotion or contest requires judgment and experience. A format that works great for consumers is likely to fall flat in a B2B market. But done right, a contest can generate spectacular online engagement, bring in customers in droves, and provide these additional benefits:

  • Increase or build an email list
  • Increase brand exposure and attract new prospects
  • Increase engagement with your customers
  • Segment your audience for smarter follow-up marketing
  • Build a database of customer and prospect preferences
  • Increase revenue

We’ll provide you with everything you need, from choosing the right kind of contest or promotion and advising on effective prizes to executing it with tactics that engage your audience and get people to sign up. We will “broadcast” it with paid ads, email, and on social media, increasing reach and the potential for great results.

Calculated, Targeted Promos Pay Off

With careful planning and execution, you could achieve results similar to those experienced by some of our other, very happy customers. Contact us to begin planning an effective contest strategy today.

Case Studies

Anthony John Day Spa
Henry Repeating Arms Co. - Rifle Manufacturer