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Email Marketing

Email: Sell to the Customers Who Want to Hear from You

To develop an engaged audience, you need to regularly provide meaningful content.

The key to successful email marketing is to consistently provide relevant content that your audience actually wants to open and read. This keeps them subscribed to your emails and interested in buying.

Don’t overdo it. Ever.

Consider sending one a week or two per month to ensure people don’t forget you but still look forward to receiving your messages, and be sure you have good content to keep them reading.

Keep Them Hooked.

Once you’ve got them, keep them around. By opting in, subscribers are giving you a signal that they’re either close to a purchase or they expect to purchase in the future. If you continue to give them information they value, they will continue to open your emails and you’ll have the opportunity for a sale.

Give Them What They’re Looking For.

Help your subscribers look forward to your emails by giving them information they want, offers that will motivate them to take action, or information they’ll want to send on to their friends. An email that offers important information, teaches, and is worth sharing is a winning ticket. If your emails aren’t doing these things, don’t send them.

We will help you create successful email marketing campaigns by:

Creating interesting and relevant content

Including an actionable step for your audience that motivates them to take a certain action

Collecting valid email addresses

Setting up targeted email lists

Monitoring results of the email blast and creating reports on important metrics (open rate, click-through rate, etc.)

Writing compelling subject lines

Learn more about how we craft emails that keep your prospects and current customers engaged and boost your ROI.

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