Dream Local Digital Adds Four Fulfillment Team Members

THOMASTON, Maine – Dream Local Digital recently added four new members to the marketing agency’s Fulfillment Team — Project Leads Laura Dominguez, Mayar Eli and Jodie Tierney; and Project Support Sheiny Almanzar.

Since 2009, Dream Local has helped small- and medium-sized businesses around the country ramp up their digital marketing efforts. Its headquarters are in Maine, but its employees and clients can be found globally. The agency offers clients a variety of customizable tools and solutions, including SEO, social media, blogging, advertising, email marketing and website creation.

The Fulfillment and Project Support teams are considered the “ambassadors” of the organization, and all members are tasked with promoting and representing Dream Local at the local and national level.

Fulfillment Team members work closely with clients to achieve their digital marketing goals. They assist clients in creating and implementing digital strategies and general brand awareness efforts. And depending on the client’s needs, they can be directly involved in content creation, such as social media posting and email marketing.

The new #honeybadgers (company term for Dream Local employees) include:

Laura Dominguez, who brings a good deal of experience in in-bound marketing, graphic design, account management, strategy development, project planning, team management and more. She has a master’s degree in communications and has come to love the creative aspects of social media and marketing, especially when teamwork is emphasized.

Mayar Eli, who has a bachelor’s degree in management and organization from Central Connecticut State University, has traveled extensively through the U.S. and abroad. Her favorite places visited so far include Rhode Island and Luxembourg. Besides travel, Mayar also enjoys baking, reading, gardening and creating random crafts.

Jodie Tierney, who has a background in the insurance industry, loves providing excellent service to clients. Her past positions in insurance have included customer service, underwriting and account management. She especially enjoys creative opportunities to think outside of the box. She discovered the fun of marketing while working as a consultant for startup companies, where she helped several clients create mobile apps and sites. Jodie has also worked on ad campaigns, focus groups, and beta tests. She has received an extensive number of technical certifications, including digital marketing, Google Adwords, and social media marketing, and is working on her UX design certification.

Sheiny Almanzar, who has a technical degree in computer science from Polytechnic Feminine Institute Our Lady of Mercy, has extensive experience in customer service and customer relations. She and her husband have created two Instagram stores, and she considers herself highly creative and analytical. Sheiny also loves dogs, music and exploring new places.

Dream Local was founded by Shannon Kinney, who brought a long history of helping startups compete and succeed, especially smaller companies that may not have had as many resources to start with as a larger firm. She continues to lead the Dream Team as its Client Success Officer and “Head #Honeybadger.”

Over the years, the company has received a variety of regional and national awards and recognition, including Small Business of the Year and Innovative Company of the Year from the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Shannon Kinney has also been declared one of the “Women to Watch” from MaineBiz.

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