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Today — Chuck Hagel gets grilled at confirmation hearings, Facebook releases new gift card, a poetical look a the old, new media, Warren Buffett’s bet on local newspapers, Twitter’s photo/video enhancements, and some social media tips for photographers. Enjoy!

  • Newsfeed: Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearing dominated the feed today, as senators hammered the Secretary of Defense nominee for hours. – The National Journal
  • The Facebook Card: Facebook enhances their previously released ‘Gifts’, with a new gift card. This reusable card works across multiple merchants while maintaining a separate balance for each. – The Next Web
  • When Newspapers Were New: I thoroughly enjoyed Alexis Madrigal’s essay, venturing back to a time when newspapers were considered new media. An interesting look at how writers and journalists of the time responded to new forms of communication and how they integrated them into their craft. – The Atlantic
  • Buffett Expands Newspaper Portfolio: Warren Buffett’s media group has purchased the Greensboro (N.C.) News & Record. Buffett stated,  “newspapers that intensively cover their communities will have a good future.”.  – Poynter
  • Twitter Update: Twitter rolled out a significant update today, making it easier to view photos and videos on the site. Now instead of opening pictures via a new tab, photos will expand within the current window- Mashable
  • 7 Twitter Tips for Photographers – Allison Stadd provides a seven great overview of how Twitter can become a key tool for photographers. – All Twitter

“I’m sorry. I stopped listening after you said ‘supposably’.” someecards via

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