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Today — Yahoo’s work from home policy reversal stirs strong opinions, discussions about how NASCAR and YouTube handled last weekend’s accident, a viral video is found to be fake, people are trying to figure out who will buy The Boston Globe, and The New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny talks about his move from print to TV. Enjoy!

  • Yahoo Changes Work From Home Policy: After a memo was leaked Friday telling employees that work from home that they would have to start working in the office in June, has sparked many comments, stories, and opinions. Here are a few —, USA Today, AllThingsD, Business Insider
  • NASCAR and Freedom of Speech: Arguments from NASCAR’s decision to pull a witness’s YouTube video of Saturday’s horrific crash continued into this week. Mathew Ingram takes a look at the dynamics involved, as these types of events increasingly occur. — paidContent
  • Really Cute, but Totally Faked: The real story behind the viral video of a pig rescuing a goat. After being seen over 7 million times on YouTube and broadcast on various national outlets last September, it has now been reported that indeed the whole thing was staged. — New York Times
  • Who Will Buy The Globe?: Alan Mutter discusses the recent news about the sale of the Boston Globe and why traditional newspaper publishers are not likely to be involved in its purchase. — Reflections of a Newsosaur
  • Jeff Zeleny’s Move From Print to TV: Moving from the New York Times to ABC in March, Jeff Zeleny stated that he hasn’t worked for a newspaper in quite a while, as video continues to take a greater role in reporting the news. — TV Newser

Our speech is to a large degree controlled by private corporations like Google and Twitter and Apple, and in many ways we are still coming to grips with what that means for us as a society.” –Jason Pontin, MIT Technology Review

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