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In the Burrow with Jennifer Shone

Questions for a Honey Badger

by Jeff Howland

Jennifer Shone recently celebrated one year with Dream Local Digital. I caught up with her to see what she’s been up to, what inspires her, and also to get her insider advice for businesses today.

What you were doing before Dream Local Digital?

I was working for a chain of newspapers in Central Mass managing a sales team, heading up digital, and was Director of Client Services for the company’s in-house digital agency. Wearing a couple hats to say the least.

What inspires you and how does that fit with our culture at Dream Local Digital?

I love my focus on media partners and their teams. Training/supporting them and getting them launched and ready to go in their territory with these new product offerings is definitely a great fit for me….especially with my background in management. I also have found a true passion for getting more involved in media associations. I have spoken at three over the year and not only have I met amazing people and learned so much, but have also gained two new media partners through these incredible opportunities.

What would you rather be doing right now?

I am gearing up to play in a soccer league and volleyball as well. Love anything outside where I can run around and meet new people. Summer BBQ’s are pretty high up there on my list too; might move my office out to the patio this summer after the winter we have all had to endure.

What’s one piece of advice for businesses out there trying to communicate with and engage customers on social media?

Don’t be intimidated by it, and don’t ignore it…it’s not going away. Understand it and how it relates to your business a little more, set realistic expectations for your business’ first dip in to the social pool and have fun with it. When done well, social can be a great way to build your brand, create a loyal consumer base, and engage with people within your community who will begin to see you and your business as a valuable resource.

Jennifer is busy working with our media partners to help them build new revenue streams with digital agency and native advertising services. Something you’re interested in? Click below.

Find out more about the Dream Local Digital team here.

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