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In The Burrow with Katy DeGrass

Dream Local Digital Rockstar

by Jeff Howland

Katy DeGrass recently celebrated her 1st anniversary working at Dream Local Digital. I caught up with her to talk about her pre-honey badger days, how things are going and what she’s up to now. Plus, see her thoughts on social media and how she sees it helping businesses.

What you were doing before Dream Local Digital?

Before working at Dream Local, I had recently left a position in Bar Harbor, Maine and took off to Mexico to go climbing for a month and practice my Espanol!

What inspires you and how does that fit with our culture at Dream Local Digital?

At Dream Local Digital, we all know what we want and we work our best to achieve it or find a path to accomplish what we feel we need, whether it’s a new skill or a difficult project. My decision to travel rather than jump into a new job aligns well with how the employees at Dream Local tackle their daily task list and ongoing projects and skills. I had the need to travel and improve my climbing skills and spanish, so I took the opportunity and left the country to do what I had set my mind to.

What is hot for you right now in this business, and where are things headed?

This industry is changing so often and there are so many things to keep up with, but the hottest aspect of this business is to have quality research and to find content that will interest current and new followers. Since more and more people are connected most of the day through various devices, every business needs to update their website to include a mobile platform since people are not only using their computers to view content, but smartphones and notebooks as well.

What would you rather be doing right now?

I would be running, hiking, biking, anything to get me outdoors and enjoying sunny and warm weather!

What’s one piece of advice for businesses out there trying to communicate with and engage customers on social media? 

The best thing I have seen small business’ do on social media is to share lots of photographs of the owners, employees and customers, whether they’re at the business location or out enjoying their time off. The community wants to feel included in the business and feel as though the business took photos just to share with them.

Find out more about the Dream Local Digital team here.



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