Increase recurring revenue. We’ll supply the content.

When you partner with Dream Local Digital, you’ll have access to an experienced team of writers and editors who will create articles for blogs or native advertising that engage and educate your clients’ target audiences.

Native Advertising

Content MarketingIf you’re not offering native advertising to your clients, you should be. Native advertising will add to your revenue streams and those of your clients.

We’ll share best practices from our experiences with other publishers who’ve launched profitable native advertising programs, and we’ll work with you to provide quality content. Positioning this content with display ads and the right online visibility can attract attention to your clients and provide them with measurable ROI.

When you partner with us on native advertising projects, we will:

  • Recommend article ideas and headlines to interest, engage and educate the client’s customers
  • Research the topics
  • Write original, newsroom-quality articles using AP style as necessary to match your publication
  • Create sponsored content based on an editorial calendar of topics
  • Help you and your clients plan a series of related articles for repeatable revenue


Blog articles are central to any content marketing strategy. A well-written blog demonstrates a company’s expertise; attracts, educates and entertains customers; and generates important search traffic to the website.

We’ll assist you by:

  • Recommending blog topic ideas
  • Writing keyword-rich blog articles
  • Designing and scheduling the articles for your clients’ websites

With the addition of our social media marketing services, we’ll also showcase the blogs on the clients’ social media channels and include links from the social posts to the blog itself. To expand reach even further, blogs may be promoted on social media with paid ads.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk about how our team of experienced writers and editors can increase your revenue.