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Revenue and Great Results
for Your Clients

Giving things away can lead to increased revenue.

Contests and sweepstakes have been around for a long time and have taken on a whole new life through the internet and social media. Today, businesses run giveaways, photo contests, quizzes and “best of” brackets to engage audiences and build databases.

These tactics can be used for multiple clients participating in sponsored, multi-business promotions, to help individual clients build an email list, or by your own media company to increase engagement and gather targeted email addresses.

Calculated, Targeted Promos Pay Off

There are several types of sponsored promotions you can offer, and each has its benefits. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the case studies on this page. Partner with us to leverage our years of experience: we’ll provide everything you need to run successful contests, from format recommendations to execution and reporting.

Promotions like these can:

  • Rapidly expand an email database of interested prospects
  • Create noteworthy brand exposure
  • Draw traffic to your website and/or your client’s website
  • Segment a subscriber list with prospect preferences
  • Increase revenue for you and your clients

Dream Local helps business partners plan sponsored packages for groups of advertisers to join in a single contest or sweepstakes with multiple prizes, with results that are extremely valuable to you and your clients.

Contact us to learn more.

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