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Why Us

Why Partner with Dream Local

We fulfill digital marketing services.

What We Do

When you partner with Dream Local, you extend your advertising programs, enabling you to provide the essential, expert, digital marketing services your customers need to succeed in today’s marketplace. We deliver results at a fraction of the cost and without the hassles of doing it yourself. Through this partnership, your company not only maintains advertiser and client relationships, but expands its offerings to deepen those relationships and increase recurring revenue.

How We Do It

We deliver high quality customer experiences paired with digital marketing services that generate results and increased recurring digital revenue.

We satisfy your customers’ needs and set you and your team up for success.


A market-specific, itemized launch program

Expert sales and product training

Product recommendations and packages

Revenue forecasting and budget plans

Local educational workshops to drive leads

A dedicated client services team

Why White Label?

Entering the social media marketing industry can be a slippery slope. The learning curve is steep, hiring an in-house team is expensive, and getting them up to speed is costly and time consuming. According to Forbesa white-label solution will help you avoid these problems associated with developing in-house capabilities:

  • Making mistakes that others have already made
  • Increasing your time to market as you troubleshoot problems and work to increase your staff’s expertise outside their core competencies
  • Spending too much money and time developing tools and finding solutions that already exist
  • Missing out on existing resources and expertise

Dream Local Digital’s low churn rate (less than 10% across all partners, compared with industry norms of 40-70%) speaks for itself, making us the industry leader in keeping your valued clients invested. Once a customer signs on, they tend to stay. Based on your workflow and resource needs, we can provide 100% of post-sale fulfillment with a service line you and your team will be proud to sell.

What You’ll Need to Do

As our sales partner, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Generating sales
  • Providing access to three internal contacts: sales, fulfillment, and client service
  • Collecting material from your clients: e.g., photographs, their own business news, other content they want to use as source material

We’ll also want to know what’s going on in your clients’ area: things like local celebrations, hometown sports team wins, honors and achievements, etc., that keep the online experience fresh and pertinent to your clients’ audience.

How Much Will it Cost?

We offer wholesale pricing on our services and provide retail pricing recommendations for your markup. You’ll be surprised how inexpensive these services are and how much they can add to your bottom line.

For More Information

To learn how we can help you expand your advertising and marketing product lines and boost your recurring revenue streams, please contact us. We’ll get right back to you to discuss your needs for a custom quote.

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