Question of the day: How to make a message go viral on Facebook

Question of the day: “How can I get the word out and take advantage of the viral nature of social media to promote our upcoming Juice Conference?” – Skip Bates, Bangor Savings Bank

Great question, Skip. It’s true, social media can be a powerful tool for spreading the news about an event, and two excellent tools to use are tagging and sharing. Below is a step by step example:

1.Visit the Juice Conference page, find the link you would like people to see, and hit share:

2. You can share on your own wall to your own friends, which is good, and should also other tag people that are attending such as @shannonkin, then it would show up on my page too. This kind of tagging can be very effective. You can also chose to show it to people on your BUSINESS page, as shown here:

3. Write an endorsement headline and voila! See if you can get a bunch of your board / early adopters helping to spread the word and get it out there. Also, you could be posting on other businesses walls AS the Juice Conference utilizing Facebook’s outbound marketing tools.