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Selling In An Era of Disruptive Innovation

Tips for Selling in an Era of Disruptive Innovation

By: Nicole McQuestion, Business Development Manager: Media Partners

I’m putting together some quick sales tips to share with media organizations who are making the jump to a digital marketing agency. I decided to craft a careful list of successful sales habits or traits, techniques that I have witnessed bring success to those individuals, proudly known as sales representatives. I’ll break it up into ‘short’ segments that share insight on each.

We all know the skills, knowledge, and tenacity needed to successfully navigate this position have increased significantly. This virtual bomb dropped on us when our audiences became so fragmented, having access to endless information, all while becoming so busy that capturing their attention even momentarily proved to be a challenge. It became our issue, not just as media companies, but also by the impact it had on every single business customer we proudly call our advertisers.

See why this brevity thing is a challenge? Okay, so lets get started. To ensure you read this each time, I am going to start with #10 and end with #1. You are welcome.

#10: Know more about their business than they do.

Now you think I am a little crazy. Well I am, but that is beside the point. Taking twenty minutes out of your day to do research, prior to meeting your customer, will change the course of your relationship with them. And I am not just referring to new prospects – your current customers will have a renewed sense of their value to you and your organization as well.

I want you to search for a product or service they offer and see if their website shows up in search. Look for them on your mobile phone and see what type of experience their mobile site offers potential customers. Check out their social channels and see if they are a good representation of their business and if they are engaging with their audience. Are there unanswered questions or concerns? Do they have negative reviews with no response? Do their competitors show up much higher than them, why?

Sharing this insight with your customers is valuable for two reasons.

One, you took the time to invest in providing them knowledge and insight about their business. That makes you different than about 95% of other sales people they talk to. Two, it allows you to be seen as a consultant not just as their sales person. If they have the ability to fix something on their own easily, tell them! There is never harm in that. Explaining where their competitors rank versus where they do also builds value into your relationship.

Basically, those twenty minutes equal you easily getting a meeting with your customer when you need one in the future; and being seen as a person that is truly interested in helping grow their business. It’s a game changer. Give it a try for yourself.

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