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The Best Super Bowl Ads of 2014

If you haven’t had a chance to see all the early release Super Bowl ads, I’ve compiled my Top 3 so far. Mind you, these ads go for $4 million per 30 seconds and were sold out months ago. More and more companies are releasing teasers or full ads ahead of the big game in order to build buzz on social media. Let’s take a look at the best I’ve seen to-date.

Budweiser always hits the heart with grand landscapes and beautiful horses, but they kick it up a notch here, throwing in a cute puppy to further tug your heartstrings to the ground. And possibly also to convince you to buy a Bud next time you’re out.

Next, Hyundai does a cute tribute to Dads’ 6th sense and how parents are saving their kids from imminent danger from birth until, well, forever. Here we see a little guy growing up and facing lots of unknown dangers in life, as his dad is there to watch over. In the end, dad gets a little help.

And finally, I never thought an AXE commercial would make my top 3 list, but they did it this year, with a surprisingly mature and touching story of love, in ‘Make Love Not War.’

Keep in mind, there are many ads that have not been released early so I’ll let you know if any others beat out these.

Late addition: This kid gets put into the game and after scoring a touchdown, keeps going, all the way to Lambeau Field. Not sure if it’s a top 3, but still pretty cool.

Oh, and there’s also a football game on Sunday. Enjoy that too.

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