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These Digital Marketing Strategies Will Make a Difference in 2023  


As we barrel toward the end of 2022, digital marketing has never been more critical. Billions of users decide on their subsequent purchases using a web browser or social media app. For marketers, small businesses and agencies, referrals and customer loyalty are vital. 

Especially during a recession, companies may see profits begin to drop. How can a small business successfully weather a recession? A solid marketing strategy and implementing practical suggestions will help your business stay top of mind. 

However, implementing all the methods to attract leads can be overwhelming. So, we compiled essential strategies that will have the most significant impact on your business in 2023.

Understand Your Web Analytics And Leverage Your Data

Tracking your traffic, ad campaigns and marketing efforts provides insight into your customers and what products they want. Take a look at a couple of tips to improve your marketing and tracking: 

  • Improve Your SEO – SEO is a powerful tool for any website. However, SEO is evolving. Digital marketers are enhancing their SEO strategy to include alternative search engines, such as Bing, Safari, and DuckDuckGo. In 2023, continue testing new keywords and phrases. Create unique content for each channel and assess your results to see what works and needs improvements.

  • PPC Services in 2023 – To analyze what works and improve your online presence, you need data. Get that data by tracking your marketing campaign results and website traffic. Lead conversion tracking makes a big difference for agencies and small businesses. Consider using an automated tracking service that identifies the calls that become clients. Once you have collected a few months of data, analyze what worked. Do your customers respond well to a particular keyword? Did a paid ad generate more leads than a landing page? Comb through your data to distill a quality marketing strategy for 2023.
  • Partner With Digital Marketing Experts – Heading into 2023, businesses of all sizes are boosting their online marketing. Getting ahead of the curve and differentiating your product is a challenging feat. Applying the tips in this article will help — however, any digital marketer or business benefits from a consistent blended marketing effort. What does that mean? A blended marketing approach targets multiple channels at the same time. This takes significant time and energy to do. Your marketing could include social media, paid ads, SEO, regular blogs and LinkedIn posts. A digital marketing expert can manage your marketing campaigns, set up your analytics and help create your marketing strategy. They can also interpret your data and use it to improve your marketing efforts.

  Book a free consultation to learn how Dream Local Digital can  improve your lead quality.

Embrace Thought Leadership

Being a thought leader allows you to inspire innovation and conversation. It also makes your brand more recognizable. A thought leader offers guidance, perspective, and expertise to their audience. You can use blogs or videos posted on a social media platform or website. 

Businesses and individuals value reputation and authority. Build this authority by becoming a thought leader. How? Here are the four steps: 

  1. Identify your areas of expertise.

  2. Find out what your customers need from your business and address that need.

  3. Share your perspective and expertise on the topics you identified. Establish yourself as a reliable source of guidance and support.

  4. Track your customer’s response to the content and implement adjustments where needed.

You can use various tools to research your customers’ interests and needs. You can also use plug-ins and tools to track your audience’s response to your content.

Prepare For Google Analytics 4

In the summer of 2023, Universal Analytics (UA) will no longer exist. What does this mean for marketers around the world? Marketers and agencies will need to use Google Analytics 4 (GA4). While GA4 includes tracking and analytics, UA metrics will not mirror GA4. These changes will take some time to get used to.

To prepare for this shift, if your website or app was created before Oct. 14, 2020,  use UA and GA4 simultaneously. Ensure you are familiar with GA4 and run your data through both systems. Make sure you have months of data to compare by setting up tracking in GA4 as soon as possible. (If you created your website or app after Oct. 14, 2020, you are likely already using GA4.)

Start Video Marketing

Social video content easily surpasses image or text content. Videos are easier to consume and require less effort for the customer. Videos build trust and authority that written content cannot match.

Post videos on Tik Tok, Instagram and/or or Facebook. They can be short and simple. Many videos are between 30-120 seconds and generate more shares than text. 

Navigating an economic downturn can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. To implement these tips, try starting with one this week – and see how customers respond. Need help creating your digital marketing strategy? Get your free consultation from Dream Local Digital.

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