video marketing webinar

The marketing world is full of chatter about online video. You can’t scroll through your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed without bumping into an article that touts the attention-grabbing power of video compared with text or mere still photos. YouTube reports that worldwide, people watch a billion hours of video every day. Every. Freaking. Day.

Granted, the idea of making videos can be a little intimidating. What equipment do I need? What if I’m camera-shy? How much time will it take? You’re breaking into a cold sweat and there are hundreds of questions filling your mind. Fear not. No matter what business you’re in, there are peers somewhere who’ve figured out how to use video in their online marketing.

Join Dream Local Founder and Client Success Officer Shannon Kinney for our live webinar, “Video Marketing: If They Can Do It, So Can You,” on Thursday, May 30, at noon ET. Shannon will discuss how small businesses can create engaging, content-rich, compelling videos quickly and easily.