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Weekend Reads 13

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This Week’s Stories: media, tech, small biz, and culture

By Jeff Howland

Can the Next Starbucks Actually Sell Good Coffee?

by Alexis C. Madrigal, The Atlantic

The Future of Iced Coffee —  At its cafes, Blue Bottle might make one of the best iced-coffee drinks in America. But are artisan businesses doomed to fail when they try going mainstream?”

The Hero Returns: Steve Jobs’ Real Genius

by Peter Sims, Medium

“In studying Jobs closely over the past several years, I’ve become convinced that the common narratives we’ve heard neglect a central aspect of Jobs’ of genius and success. And, it’s something that we can all learn from, which is this: Steve Jobs was a superb collaborator with the people whom he respected and trusted.

Arrogance is Good: In Defense of Silicon Valley

by Joel Stein, Bloomberg Businessweek

“Arrogant or not, Silicon Valley continues to lead the economy. Old-school American optimism is still the rule in the Bay Area, where immigrants are welcome, hard work is rewarded, and everyone believes their children will have a better life. … You have to be arrogant to change the world.”

The Most Fascinating Profile You’ll Ever Read About a Guy and His Boring Startup

by Mat Honan, Wired

“After a few years at Yahoo, he quit and went back to work on his neverending game. This time he called it Glitch, it looked amazing and had a vividly imagined story line, but was conceptually similar to Game Neverending. Years passed. The game failed. Again. Then (again!) he broke out something he and his team had created by accident while making the game.”

Rebooting YouTube

by Nicole Laporte, Fast Company

“When Susan Wojcicki took over YouTube in February, she received almost as much unsolicited advice as there are YouTube videos. One open letter not-so-subtly pleaded with Wojcicki, ‘So please, I’m begging you, please, please, please, don’t f*** it up.'”

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