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When Mobile Apps Make Sense

Why Should My Business’s Social Mobile Presence Be Personal?

When Apps Make Sense

By Eliece Hammond

Let’s talk about what the essential elements of a mobile app development strategy are. What should your motivations be to develop a mobile app for your company? Here’s my breakdown of the three basic directions I see possible for effective phone and tablet applications:


Mobile Apps make sense when they can utilize GPS capabilities on a mobile device to make finding places easier. If I own a real estate company, having an app that locates all of my listings by neighborhood makes sense and is a no brainer in terms of marketing to clients.


Facilitating conversations centered on a specific topic or passion with a mobile app makes sense; almost like a bulletin board chat or a knowledge sharing database. For instance: for a car dealership I might create an app that continuously updates new and used car inventory and allows users to post comments after test drives or purchases of similar models.


Making something I was already planning to do easier is a great way to garner my engagement with your company. For instance, a personal trainer could develop a mobile app that tracks a series of exercises with reps and weights for her clients. This app might track a workout schedule, menu plan, and share data with the trainer — allowing for a seamless experience communicating between the trainer and trainee.


They have to do something more than collect content for businesses, or new clients and potential customers aren’t going to try them out. If your goal in developing a mobile app for your business is to add value to an existing customer base, make an app that connects to your video channel or your Pinterest feed. Otherwise, solve a pain point that is common in your industry by making locating, communicating, or automating that area of your potential customers’ lives easier.

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