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YouTube’s New Look

The Perks of YouTube’s One Channel

By Alyssa McCluskey

YouTube rolled out a new design for users’ channels, and it’s looking pretty spiffy!

YouTube’s One Channel introduces a new look for businesses and partners on the video sharing channel, but the new design also brings a few perks for users with YouTube channels.

  • Consistent design across all devices.  Many social media channels struggle to maintain a consistent design on different devices.  Businesses who take advantage of YouTube One Channel early will find that their profile layout looks good on all screens, whether it’s a mobile device or desktop computer.
  • Better organization.  Businesses and partners may now create playlists and decide how viewers see the content.  With YouTube One Channel, viewers and fans see what the business wants their viewers and fans to see, rather than the most recent activity.  Businesses and partners now have more control over their own content.
  • Give non-subscribers a taste of what your organization is all about.  Businesses and partners may now create trailers for their own YouTube channels that non-subscribers will see when they view content.  This is a chance to win over YouTube users and get them to start following your business.  Utilize this feature to make a great first impression!

If your business has a YouTube channel, click here to start making the switch to the new One Channel design. If you think working with Dream Local Digital could help you grow your business, get in touch with our team to schedule a consultation.

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