Bennington Pontoon Boats

Facebook & Twitter: For effective customer relations

Bennington Pontoon Boats

For Bennington Pontoon Boats, Facebook and Twitter aren’t just a place to promote their products or post funny pictures. They have become places where customers go to have their questions and concerns answered.

Bennington has used its social channels to address issues for which customers might have otherwise given up on finding help. Sometimes the dealers are tricky to deal with and people think that’s the end of the line, but then they reach out to Bennington and get things taken care of.

“In all the years we have been doing social, we have never seen this big of a response from our fans. I know we all get caught up with putting out fires, but we have our social management team to thank for helping connect our customers with our team and providing solutions.”

— Amanda Jean, Art Director, Bennington Pontoon Boats