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Online Banner and Display Ads

Position your message on your customers’ favorite websites.

Whether you’re targeting on a local level or a national level, we’ll help you decide which targeting tactics are best for your business. Through our network of ad exchanges, we have the ability to place your ads on local websites, newspapers, and media sites as well as national sites such as and The New York Times. We can place your ads wherever your online audience goes and get results.

We target based on:

Geographic location – from a single town to an entire country

Hyper-local or geo-fence targeting for mobile devices (one or more custom-shaped areas as small as a single building or as large as you like)

Keywords and phrases your target audience is searching for

The topical content of websites where your ad will appear

Third-party demographic data (job title, interests, income, etc.)

Websites and groups that are of interest to your audience

Retargeting campaigns

Through retargeting (remarketing), we are able to reach people who have already visited your website. Research shows that people who have already visited your site and been exposed to your brand are more likely to become customers than people who see an ad for the first time. We increase the odds of people reconnecting with your business and making a purchase.

Website Tracking 101

We’ll help you install a tracking pixel in your website to measure when a prospect makes a purchase, downloads your app, clicks to make a phone call or accomplishes another action you specify. While we’re running your campaign, we measure where these actions or conversions originate and reallocate the campaign budget to focus on the tactics that are succeeding. This is measurable ROI, and it statistically proves the importance of online advertising.

Get ads in front of your target audience today.

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