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Instagram for Business

Instagram allows you to visually expose your products or services to people who shop through mobile apps and mobile websites.

Use it to drive traffic to your website, where customers can make a purchase, request information, sign up for a newsletter, or engage in other interactions.

The power of Instagram lies in its ability to combine imagery with text.

Photos are an eye-catching and powerful way to share information about your business and boost your brand. Instagram is a mobile-based social media network for people who like to take and share pictures. The service has over 400 million users, and your current and potential customers are among them.

Users upload millions of photos and videos to Instagram daily, and “like” them at a rate of more than 8,500 likes per second (that’s over 3.5 billion likes per day!). Instagram uses hashtags, making it easy for users to search for trending and favorite topics, find your images, and connect with your page, which they can then follow to receive your updates. Hashtags also allow your business to extend its brand and images well beyond your existing fan base.

We will help you use Instagram to:

Showcase your unique company culture

Highlight your services and products

Engage with your target audience and build a following

Increase your brand exposure

Integrate with other social media channels

Monitor and respond to comments

Learn more about how we can promote your business through Instagram.

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