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The #HoneyBadger Culture

We get sh*t done!

The Guinness Book of World Records declares the honey badger the world’s most fearless animal, but that’s not the only reason Dream Local Digital team members are the #HoneyBadgers of the online marketing world.


#HoneyBadgers are tenacious.

When we set a goal, we don’t quit until we reach it.

#HoneyBadgers are thick-skinned.

Even arrows and fangs (algorithm changes) fail to penetrate #HoneyBadger hides.

#HoneyBadgers are tough.

We fight lions (big box stores). We eat snakes (local competitors). When the world’s most poisonous snakes (global dot coms) get their venom into a #HoneyBadger, we sleep it off and wake up ready to fight.

#HoneyBadgers are smart.

They’ve been seen using tools to climb walls. We use our resources and work smarter, not harder.

Every #HoneyBadger takes ownership of his or her work and makes sure our clients get the best we have to give. We know how important your business is to you. We take pride in what we do and work until you’re satisfied. The honey badger’s story is the soul of Dream Local Digital, a part of the lore. We put these characteristics to work for our partners and clients, ensuring that every client gets full-on #HoneyBadger treatment.

Finally, despite the rumors, no one has ever seen a Dream Local Digital #HoneyBadger eat a poisonous snake in the office…yet.

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