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YouTube for Business

Would you rather read an article or watch a YouTube video?

Most people choose the latter. Video has the ability to easily capture the attention of an audience and keep them entertained. It’s also become a great way for businesses to distribute information. YouTube is the largest and most popular online tool for hosting all kinds of video content, with more than 1 billion unique user visits every month. Any business can use YouTube to host videos, including how-to instructions, product demonstrations, employee interviews, customer testimonials and virtual tours.

Videos can be embedded on a business website and other social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, increasing their reach. Statistics show that videos shared on social channels engage fans and prospects more than any other type of content.

Google-owned YouTube has become the world’s second-largest search engine next to Google itself, because many people choose to search videos when they need information. YouTube videos can even help your business move closer to the top of search results if you post videos and your competitors do not.

When we manage YouTube
for your business, we will:

Claim, optimize and brand your YouTube channel

Upload your videos to YouTube and choose appropriate preview images

Add links to your other social media networks and website

Optimize video titles, descriptions and tags so they appear in searches

We can also produce high-quality videos for your business.

Millions of users subscribe to YouTube each day. They’re eager to hear your story!

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