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Planning to Sell Digital Services

selling digital services

Whether you’re just starting to add digital services to your portfolio or you’re already doing it but experiencing problems with fulfillment, we’re here to help. We’ve worked with traditional media companies to successfully launch digital marketing programs from scratch, and we’ve helped established, online-service providers find new, repeating revenues by taking over the burden of fulfillment for them. If you’re already working with a fulfillment provider, you’ll be surprised at how much more we bring to the table in terms of support for you and your customer.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions our potential partners ask us.

how do we make it WORK?

We know that growing digital revenue is critical to long-term success. But how do we make it WORK?

Yes, digital revenue growth is critical. However, it is important to do it RIGHT. The right way includes:

  • Serving customers’ ongoing needs
  • Tailoring solutions to address customers’ goals
  • Developing strong recurring revenue plans

You want customers who pay and stay, month after month. This requires “sticky” product lines that provide high customer interaction and satisfaction. Selling low-priced, high-churn plans hurts your brand more than doing nothing. You need solutions that you can be proud to sell and that will bring results for your clients.

Where do I start?

Take a look at your current advertisers and clients. Every business and nonprofit can benefit by adding digital marketing into their marketing strategy. Start with customers who are actively seeking solutions or additional marketing help.

What will my local customers buy?

This depends on their specific needs and industry. Service industries, professionals, retail, restaurants, hospitality, real estate, auto, banking, healthcare, education, entrepreneurs: every field benefits from a tailored plan. Most likely, your customer has one main challenge. Depending on what that is, we can recommend a solution composed of a carefully considered mix of digital products. We also provide market research if you require additional help.

Are my reps able to sell digital marketing services?

Yes, your sales staff can sell digital marketing services, but they’ll need training. You’ll need to select sales staff who are open to new information and new products, who are likely to complete training, and who are ready to sell a new kind of service. Don’t worry, though—we provide training.

What is the most commonly purchased service?

The most commonly purchased service is Plan 1, consisting of Facebook and Google management. This is a great way to introduce customers to digital marketing. We’ll teach your team how to build on this, to ask questions and create proposals to meet the prospect’s needs.

Ready to Rock?

Last question: Are you interested in seeing how digital marketing will benefit your clients while improving your bottom line?

If the answer is “yes,” we should talk. Contact us and we’ll answer your digital marketing questions.

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