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Online Video Marketing

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Videos are worth millions.

Today, video marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. Videos have the potential to be viewed and shared over countless platforms, increasing the number of viewers and level of engagement.

Consumers are far more likely to share videos than articles. Paired with other marketing activities, video can dramatically improve your clients’ marketing efforts.

Here are the some of the top ways to
integrate video into a marketing mix:

Company culture

Showcase the company’s “human side” with team member interviews. Give customers an intimate, inside look at the company with “behind the scenes” segments.


Positive reviews are extremely powerful in converting new customers.


Describe new products and services and show how they work and what they accomplish.


Engage new and existing audiences by showing solutions to common problems and how to use or maintain products.

How we can assist with your video needs:

  • Create custom slideshow montages with voiceover and music
  • Enhance existing videos with voiceovers and music
  • Cut or combine raw footage to create an effective video message
  • Develop pre-roll advertisements from existing videos or as slideshows
  • Promote videos on social media channels to increase engagement
  • Optimize YouTube videos for search

When your clients are presented on video, it’s more likely to spark a connection with potential customers. According to Animoto, 58% of viewers surveyed indicated they trust companies with video on their websites more than those that do not. When it comes to comparing products and services, 90% said that videos help them make a decision.

Despite popular belief that video equals high cost, we can produce high quality videos at a reasonable price. Pair this with proven results, and video becomes an easy sell that will benefit you and your clients.

Whether your clients are searching for made-from-scratch solutions or a supplement to their video teams, we offer support in all areas.

Ready to roll camera?

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