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Successful Email List Case Study for a Rifle Manufacturer

Sweepstakes targets 8,000 sign ups, gets 25,249 entrants in 10 days.


People Reached via Facebook Ads


Entries Generated by Contest


Average Click Through Rate on Facebook Ads

Henry Repeating Arms Co. hired us to run a sweepstakes to grow their email database in a way that would enable them to segment entrants and target them effectively post-contest. In a very niche market, the sweepstakes sponsor’s need to realize a solid ROI hinged on our ability to attract the right people to enter and effectively segment the audience for follow-up promotions. While we used a small paid ad budget to promote the contest and encourage engagement, the primary tactics consisted of targeting online forums and social pages to highlight the contest and attract interest from related sites. It was especially important to select these sites carefully, as the sponsor wanted to avoid any appearance of spam or sharing the contest on pages that would view the sweepstakes as competitive in any way. Identifying sites that would see benefit in sharing the contest with their followers enabled us to leverage the power of social value and sharing to grow the entrant list outside the client’s existing fan base. By targeting the right people and social sites, we delivered a new email target list in excess of 25,000 people in 10 days. The sponsor was so pleased with the results that he quickly decided to repeat the sweepstakes in the following year and is now using Dream Local for a range of marketing services.

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