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How A Mortgage Company Reduced Cost Per Lead


Reduction in Cost Per Lead compared to purchased leads


Reduction in Cost Per Lead compared to Google Ads


Increase in 1st page search engine result rankings

The Challenge:

Dream Local Digital was hired by a mortgage company in Tennessee to increase leads through alternative online channels. The biggest challenge the company faced was the high cost per lead through Google Ads and industry marketing lead generators like Lending Tree.

The Solution:

Dream Local developed a custom digital marketing and advertising strategy that included:

  • Ongoing content creation and management of Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube business pages
  • Optimization of a Google My Business account with 26 Google listings to increase contact information exposure
  • Creation and optimization of 24 Facebook location business pages
  • Creation and management of custom Facebook Lead Ad campaigns
  • Creation and management of custom 40-keyword SEO campaign
  • Creation and ongoing management of a brand awareness, retargeting, and display advertising campaigns

The Results:

By developing and optimizing a Facebook custom conversion strategy, Dream Local Digital was able to reduce the mortgage company’s cost per lead to $13 through Facebook Lead Ads, compared to $40 per lead through Lending Tree, and $200 per lead through Google Ads. By establishing the mortgage company as “brand approved” through Google My Business, as well as creating a highly focused keyword campaign, Dream Local Digital increased the number of keywords in the top three search results from 38 to 93; a 144.7% increase. Additionally, this effort to improve SEO increased the number of 1st page resulting keywords from 145 to 330; a 127.6% increase.

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