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Local Organization Uses Social Media to Unite Residents and Make a Lasting Impact on Community

3.56 million

facebook users reached


engaged Facebook users


new-user visits to the website

The Challenge:

Together Treasure Valley hired Idaho Statesman, a partner of Dream Local Digital, to build awareness of its mission to carry out lasting projects that will enhance its community. It is an organization that gathers ideas from community members and partners with local businesses and individuals to execute worthy projects. Social efforts were put in place to inform residents of the mission and, more importantly, convince viewers to engage with the content and submit project ideas.

The Solution:

  • Manage and create content for Facebook and Twitter business pages
  • Create and manage custom Facebook ad campaigns to promote service partners and increase mission awareness
  • Create content that leverages the online presence of service partners

The Results:

Facebook advertising targeting allowed Dream Local Digital to reach residents in the Boise, Idaho, area with pointed messages that encouraged them to act to enhance their community. The message was effective, resulting in 118,860 engaged Facebook users, despite the page itself having 3,740 fans. Content frequently mentioned local service partners, allowing Together Treasure Valley to benefit from the following of the respective pages, while service partners received increased exposure. In 2017, content reached 3.56 million Facebook users, and 10,620 new users were directed to the website. With increased exposure and community engagement, Together Treasure Valley has been able to complete or start 10 projects, including investing in art programs and providing 450 kids with educational field trips.

Client Brief

Together Treasure Valley encourages residents to submit ideas about ways to enhance their community and partners with local businesses and individuals to turn the ideas into reality.

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