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10 Things Small Business Owners Can Do to Boost Their Brands

10 Things Small Business Owners Can Do to Boost Their Brands

Every business can benefit from having a strong brand image.

You might think that branding is just for big companies like Coca-Cola. But no matter what size your business, your brand is your best asset, because it’s how people recognize and remember you. Build a brand they won’t forget with these 10 simple tips:


1. Have an Image that Represents Your Brand

Before you start targeting your market, have a definite image or logo to present to your customers. Make sure your brand reflects your company and its values. Small businesses are all about connecting directly to customers and making a difference in their lives – make sure your customers feel that from your brand.


2. Feature That Image

 When building a website or social media page, feature your logo. Make it a prominent image on your website and use it as your profile picture on all your social media platforms. People should never forget whose website or Facebook page they are on.


3. Tell Your Story

Every business has a story. Not all businesses tell theirs, but the best ones do. Tell your story to connect with your customers in a real way and they won’t forget your name.


4. Be Authentic

 Don’t employ tricks or hokey strategies to grab customers’ attention. People can see right through manipulative tactics. Be honest and straightforward. People respond best to authenticity.


5. Be Social

Everyone knows that businesses need to be on social media, but focusing your attention on the platforms where your audience use is key. That doesn’t mean you should totally abandon those other sites, but it does mean you should focus your efforts on your core network. Not sure where that is? You need to look at your website analytics and see where your referral traffic is coming from.


6. PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to make sure your brand has a strong presence on search engines. With targeted keyword research, you could be showing up at the top of relevant Google searches. This is key in reaching your target audience. Even if customers aren’t clicking on your ad every time, just seeing your name at the top of the search results makes a great impression and builds brand awareness.


7. Act Local

Get involved with local events: Sponsor a local sports team; donate to charity events; partner with other local businesses to hold festivals or seminars. Getting your logo waved around town at events will do great things for your brand.


8. Have Fun

No one likes to hang out with boring people — it’s the same with your brand. If you’re boring, no one is going to hang out on your social media pages. Give your business a fun and unique voice.


9. Just Keep Posting

Keep those social pages up to date. You’re not going to gain a following if you don’t post consistently. It may take time to gain a fan base but it will be worth it. Approach it like Dory would, and “just keep posting.”


10. Paid Social Advertising     

Social media platforms are becoming more and more crowded. One way to make sure your customers see your content is through paid social advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms. Plus, it’s a relatively inexpensive way of putting your content in front of your customers. Even if it does not convert into sales immediately, every bit of familiarity counts when it come to brand recognition.


Building a brand is no easy task, especially when you are a busy small business owner with limited resources. But if you make it a priority, you’ll reap the rewards of your efforts. Here are some other tips on building brand awareness.


If you’d like help developing a social media strategy that is right for your business, contact the Dream Team at Dream Local Digital for a complimentary marketing consultation.

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