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10 Tips to Increase Conversion in the Hospitality Industry


The holiday season is usually the busiest time of year for the hospitality industry. This year, 46 percent of Americans plan to fly during the holidays, up from 40 percent last year.

With a steady stream of excited travelers, the hospitality industry faces fierce competition to attract visitors. All businesses want to increase sales during the busiest shopping days of the year. Let’s look at 10 tips to increase conversion for businesses in the hospitality industry.

1. Update Your Website and Social Media

Before you start creating any new marketing material or running a national ad campaign, ensure your current listings are up to date – and provide your holiday schedule. Update both your website and social media to include holiday events and hours. And don’t forget to include any business closure dates.

2. The Early Bird Gets The Worm: Start Your Marketing Early

Planning a trip can take weeks or months, so some people start making travel plans for the Christmas holiday as early as October or November. If you didn’t start your holiday marketing in the fall this year, keep this tip in mind for 2023. It will help your hotel or restaurant to attract travelers who have already begun planning ahead. Websites such as Expedia and Trivago offer holiday deals and packages ahead of time.

3. Show, Don’t Tell: Use Videos and Pictures

Social proof, photos and videos can go a long way in a marketing campaign. Instead of writing a long paragraph about your hotel’s amenities, consider using video testimonials and photos instead. Regent uses a video banner on its website. This visual aid makes it easier for individuals to imagine the experience.

4. Offer Discounts and Vacation Packages

Save your guests time and frustration by readily displaying discounts or packages. Vacation packages and travel guides simplify planning. is offering “Late Escape Deals”  and Hilton’s “Stay Gifting Guide” are great ways to capture last-minute conversions.

5. Create Urgency

We all know that many people wait until the last minute to book a hotel or reserve a table at a restaurant. Creating urgency encourages them to book sooner rather than later. To combat late bookings, display the number available rooms left or “Must Book By” information to stress urgency. Include reminders on your booking page, such as “Available for a limited time only” or “Promotion valid until (date)”. Take a look at offer: “Book Early & Save Up To 15%.”

6. Include Free Promotions and Perks

Including a promotional offer or a complementary perk will entice travelers to choose your hotel or restaurant over a competitor. Expedia is offering “Save 100% on your flight” for select destinations, such as this one to New York.
Other offers can include:

  • Discounted or free room upgrade
  • Restaurant voucher
  • Double/triple hotel points
  • Discounted or free tickets to a local attraction
  • Seasonal vouchers
  • Gifts cards

 7. Focus on Your Establishment’s Safety and Reliability

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, travelers now place more importance on health and safety measures. Showcase your hotel or restaurant’s procedures and highlight your business’s integrity. Highlight contactless booking and payments, touch upon your staff’s cleaning procedures, and reiterate your stance on health and safety. Choice Hotels’ “Commitment to Clean” landing page demonstrates this beautifully.

8. Personalize Your Marketing Message

Customers respond well to websites that match their needs and interests. Customize your offerings, promotions, and landing pages so they speak the customer’s language and understand what they want.’s home page includes an inclusive and warm marketing message that focuses on being physically present for important moments.

9. Contact Previous Guests

In addition to acquiring new guests, much potential lies with previous customers. Create an email list with past customers and email them your holiday offers, discounts and packages. Consider a unique offer only available to previous customers. offers “Member only” deals and an offer to “Subscribe to receive premium deals.”

10. Launch a Digital Marketing Campaign

Having a great holiday offer and free perks isn’t enough. For a customer to choose your business, they need to know about what you offer. That means getting your message in front of them, wherever they are. An effective digital marketing campaign can ensure maximum conversions by drawing the attention of current and potential customers to your business.

Crafting an effective marketing campaign requires expertise and time. Working with a well-known digital marketing agency will allow you to focus on your guests while your marketing partner focuses on your conversions. Get your free marketing consultation from Dream Local Digital today. 

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