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4 Brands Doing Social Media Right

Social Media Brand Awareness

4 Brands Using Social Media Effectively

If you want to maximize your exposure online, a visually appealing website may no longer suffice. The Internet is flooded with new pages each day, making it difficult for existing businesses to maintain their rankings unless they go the extra mile to be heard among all the noise. That’s where social media platforms come in to fill the void. In fact, some have mastered the art of social media and use it to reach new heights.

Climbing aboard the social media train may seem a bit daunting for companies accustomed to traditional forms of marketing. However, it’s worthwhile to embrace the challenge and take advantage of the free marketing platform to boost branding efforts by sharing insightful posts and valuable content. If done effectively, your entity will experience increased inbound traffic, search engine rankings and conversion rates.


Here are four brands that have harnessed the power of social media marketing:

Jet Blue

This airline definitely doesn’t take its responsibility of delivering exceptional customer service lightly, and it shows through its social media presence. Jet Blue responds to approximately 15 percent of all comments, with a response time of 10 minutes for quality brand mentions. Impressive for a company boasting more than 2 million followers on Twitter alone, not to mention it is the topic of conversation between 1,500 and 1,600 times, daily. Members of its social media team are also seasoned brand advocates and well versed in effective customer service techniques, which is apparent through its thoughtful, but entertaining conversations with customers. Beyond all the fun interactions across social media platforms, customers can also submit any questions or concerns, or be in the loop regarding current promotional offers, contests and opportunities to win free airfare.


LifeLock, the leading provider of identity theft protection, shares insightful posts to help fans hedge against the risk of being victimized by identity theft. Its engaging posts on Twitter also help it maintain its large online follower base while giving followers an inside glimpse at its charitable side with the “Giving Tuesday” posts. Recently, followers also had the opportunity to take part in the #ShareAwesome campaign for a chance to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 2, or $2,500 scholarship and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for the grand prize winner.


With its catchy Twitter hashtag, “tweetfromtheseat,” Charmin continues to make its ways into the hearts of social media users worldwide. There’s not much to say about toilet paper, which could’ve served as a major hindrance to this brand when attempting to engage customers via social media. But Charmin wasn’t deterred and decided to capitalize on the ability to provide a source of humor on a daily basis to their followers through a series of hilarious posts. Risky, to say the least, but the hashtag and edgy humor across its social media platforms have turned out to be a hit. Followers also have access to printable coupons so they can pick up a pack of toilet paper to make their bathroom experience more pleasurable since the brand wants its customers to “enjoy the go.” Charmin has also mastered the art of social media campaigns to launch new products or celebrate holidays both near and dear to their heart. A notable example of the latter was the celebration of National Toilet Paper Day in Times Square last August. Approximately 20,000 pedestrians received a free roll of toilet paper from none other than “The Naked Cowboy.”


A free cup of Joe from Starbucks? There are tons who would capitalize on that opportunity. A chance to score a free caffeinated beverage is just one of the perks of being a fan of the coffee giant as it engages in the habit of spontaneity by randomly rewarding loyal customers with their favorite beverage. Customers can also follow @MyStarbucksIdea on Twitter to share their thoughts on a particular experience or the brand in general. The company’s focus is on customer satisfaction, not on promoting its own agenda, which is obvious as all of their its begin with @ and its Facebook page contains a host of useful tabs, including a listing of nearby locations and link to career opportunities if you feel compelled to join the team.


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