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4 Ways Social Media Will Help Your Customer Service

Tips for a Better Social Media Experience

by Alyssa McCluskey

These days, it’s hard to log onto Facebook or Twitter without seeing one of your friends talking about everything that happened during his or her day. In particular, these are popular forums to vent frustration; it allows us to tell everyone exactly what we’re angry about, and oftentimes people will reply with sympathetic notes, or recommendations to help fix the problem.

What happens if you find a complaint via social media? On channels like Facebook and Twitter, word travels so much faster than it once did. One bad thing about your product or establishment could be seen by millions of people, simply because that is where everyone is today.

When it comes to your business and social media, here are some ways you can offer customers and potential customers the best support possible:

1. Don’t let angry posts get you down.

Hearing negative comments about yourself or your business can be tough to swallow, but take this as a learning opportunity. If the post regards a mistake you or someone in your company made, take this as great feedback to better your business.

2. Be willing to address your customers’ concerns openly.

Don’t be afraid to comment on an unsatisfied customer’s post. Chances are he or she will be impressed that you were willing to write back.

3. Promptly respond.

If someone writes a post indicating dissatisfaction with your business, address the post appropriately and in a timely manner. Explain the situation to the individual, and ensure him or her that you will address the concern immediately.

4. Do not delete the post.

Simply deleting a post that says something bad about your business will not help your customer in any way. Instead, send a reply to the customer. If the post attacks your business with slanderous statements or inappropriate language, it is okay to delete the post. Make sure you clearly explain to the customer in a private message why the post was deleted and offer to discuss the issue in another way.


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