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5 Fascinating Facts: Twitter data that may surprise you

5 Facts about Twitter Users and Behavior

By Eliece Hammond

A new study put out by Beevolve breaks down data points from Twitter into these categories:
• Demographics
• Followers & Followings
• Gender Preferences
• Categorization of Twitter Users
• Smartphone & App preferences
• Miscellaneous

We found these five facts the most fascinating:

1. Age and Usage

73.7% of Twitter users are age 15 – 25 and over 50% of Twitter users sign in daily, though a fair portion of users never tweet and have an influence score of less than 3 on a scale of 1 to 10

Twitter Facts

2. Location and Gender

Over half of Twitter users live in the United States, over 25% of all Twitter users are women living in the United States and they are more frequent posters as well

Twitter Facts

3. Record-Breaking Brand

@xboxsupport is the only brand outside of internet radio listed as a top ten user with regard to number of tweets and they are the proclaimed Guinness World Record Holder for most responsive brand on Twitter

Twitter Facts

4. More Tweets = More Followers

There is a direct correlation between number of tweets and number of followers with 81.1% of Twitter users garnering 50 or fewer followers. A minuscule percentage of Twitter users have over 100,000 followers.

Twitter Facts

5. Deep Tweets

The most popular word used in a Twitter user bio is love, followed by life, you, music, like, live, lover, family, world, time, and other deep and life-affirming language.

To check out the extraordinary data put together by the smart people at Beevolve, view the original report here:
We also love this infographic from Anson Alexander:

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