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5 Reasons Email Marketing Is a Must-Do for Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Customers change as technology and digital experience change.

Marketing strategies that worked as recently as last year need to be tweaked and improved as we move into 2023. 

Email marketing continues to be an effective digital marketing strategy. It allows businesses to connect with, retain and convert individuals. And it can be more flexible and cost-efficient than paying for ads. 

Thirty-seven percent of companies will be spending more on their email marketing this year. Email marketing has seen an increase in engagement and efficiency in the last 12 months. How and why? Here are five reasons digital marketing is a must-do for your business.

Why Email Marketing?

  1. Increased Engagement And Conversions – With 4 billion daily email users, email marketing has almost unmatched potential. Digital marketers have seen increased engagement with emails in the last year. The information is easily accessible in a customer’s inbox and is a viable source of conversions. Consumers with smartphones prefer to receive company information via email.

  1. Maintain Control of Your Client’s Communication – While social media marketing is buzzing, long-term thinkers acknowledge the limitations and risks. An email list does not have those risks; a business is in complete control over its connection and communication with its customers. 

  1. Effective Top-of-Mind Strategy – Effective top-of-mind strategy and top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) build a stronger brand with more consistent conversions. Email marketing enables brands to consistently contact potential clientele and build rapport. Email marketing is the main form of content for 81% of digital marketers. 

  1. Improve Cost Efficiency – Email marketing has a stunning ROI. You can expect an average $38 ROI for every $1 spent on email marketing.  

  1. Improve Marketing Strategy by Personalizing Your Message

Consumers respond better to personalized messages. A personalized email boosts the open rate up to 50%. With email marketing, a business or agency can personalize all aspects of the content. 

Digital Marketing Tips: Build and Retain Email Clientele

Email is a very effective marketing strategy. Consider the following digital marketing tips for your email marketing strategy. 

  • Collect emails and build your email list. Collect emails when you onboard a client or when closing a sale. Include a request for email when an individual asks for information, a quote, or purchases from you. Another idea is to buy an email list from a trusted seller.

  • Optimize for mobile devices. Most emails are viewed on mobile devices. If your emails are just long paragraphs of sales information, your engagement will fall. Design a visually pleasing format that is not cluttered or overwhelming.

  • Know what type of content engages and personalizes your message. Newsletters, announcements, invitations, and other content forms can be used to mix up your offerings. Provide high-quality, personalized content that you switch up regularly.

  • Keep it short and valuable. Individuals have shorter attention spans and skim content. The best word count range to keep your emails is 75 to 100 words, which garners a 51% response rate. Make your content practical and applicable to your reader.

  • Measure engagement and conversion. Ensure your email marketing is working by collecting relevant data. Track opens, clicks, link visits, and other important KPIs. You can establish analytics or offload this time-intensive task to a strategic marketing partner.

Email lists are powerful tools for specific industries, such as real estate, retail and financial services. Email content such as newsletters, informative guides and industry updates can be used to provide value and keep your company top of mind. 

Email marketing is effective and has an ROI few other strategies can match. To capitalize on this strategy, partner with a digital marketing agency to optimize your marketing efforts and achieve the best ROI.

Dream Local Digital is a strategic partner for growth-focused businesses. We use data-driven strategies and monitor consumer trends as they evolve. We can help you establish an effective email marketing strategy and analyze your clientele engagement and conversion. Contact us today

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