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5 Things You Should See

The stories and images that hit me this week, made me think, inspired, motivated, or simply just meant the world to the people in them.

by Jeff Howland

A boy salutes during the funeral procession for Watertown, Mass. firefighter


Boy Shares His Life With a Bear in Moving Spot for Child Bereavement Charity


Time capsule buried in 1966, found by construction workers and presented to widower

SSgt. Michael Cohan displays an American flag found in rubble of the Washington mudslide


Dying Father Walks 11-Year-Old Daughter Down the Aisle Since He Won’t Be There for Real Wedding

Panacea pan-uh-SEE-uh noun
1. a remedy for all disease or ills; cure-all.
2. an answer or solution for all problems or difficulties: His economic philosophy is a good one, but he tries to use it as a panacea.

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