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8 Ways BuzzFeed Should Prepare For Honeybadger

As we go on tour with the Local Media Innovation Mission, we’re looking forward to visiting the BuzzFeed New York office. Incidentally, Honey Badger wants to come along, so we thought we better prepare those who are going to be around during the visit. While Honey Badger is our mascot, he sometimes takes things a little too far. Take these precautions and hopefully we’ll get through the day without any incidents.

1. Lock the beer fridge. He’ll go there first and it will be gone.

2. Hide the ‘Cute’ stickers. He doesn’t want to be called cute. He likes the ‘WTF’ stickers though. It’s probably a good idea to get him a box.

3. Reserve one of the glassed-in conference rooms for him. He likes the privacy while also being able to make rude gestures at people walking by.

4. He will eat anything…anything. Don’t even bring lunch. He’ll find it. Just plan to go out that day.

5. When we’re writing blogs about cats, puppies, or any other ‘cute’ animals, we have to lock him up. You should avoid these topics on the day of our visit.

6. He will try to fire several people throughout the day. Just pack up your things as directed and wait outside until he leaves.

7. Our clients often ask if they can use Honey Badger in their social media plan. If, by the end of the day you want that, fine, we’ll give it a shot.


8. Know that deep inside he means no harm. Or at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves.

More about the Innovation Mission here.

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