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’80s Power Ballads You’ve Unsuccessfully Sung in Your Car

Power Ballads You’ve Unsuccessfully Sung in Your Car

by Jeff Howland

On a recent road trip I was reminded, as I have been for the last few decades, that it is nearly impossible for a guy with an average voice, to reach the highs of some of our favorite ’80s artists. Sure, things start out fine and you’re feeling like a star; then the chorus comes along and, well, that’s it. I’ve attempted many times, only to lose my voice and retreat once again, back to air guitar. For those who sympathize with my plight, I present to you:

13 ’80s* power ballads that you’ve likely tried and failed to sing in your car.

1. Don’t Stop Believin’, Journey

2. I Remember You, Skid Row

3. Don’t Close Your Eyes, Kix

4. Headed for a Heartbreak, Winger

5. When I Look Into Your Eyes, Firehouse

6. I’ll Never Let You Go, Steelheart

7. Angel, Aerosmith

8. Love Bites, Def Leppard

9. Fly to the Angels, Slaughter

10. The Search is Over, Survivor

11. Don’t Know What You Got, Cinderella

12. When It’s Love, Van Halen

13. I’ll Be There For You, Bon Jovi

* I know, some of these are early ’90s, but they were still holding true to the classic ’80s feeling.

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