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88 Ways to Promote Your Brand on the Web

Easy and Practical Tips for Brand Awareness

by Eliece Hammond


No fluff! Here are 88 things you can do right now, with varying levels of complexity, to promote your brand on the web. Get to it!

  1. Create a Facebook page
  2. Create a Twitter account
  3. Create a Google+ Business page
  4. Create a LinkedIn account
  5. Create a Pinterest account
  6. Create a YouTube account
  7. Claim your Foursquare listing
  8. Create a custom app for your company
  9. Create a blog
  10. Write an email newsletter at least twice a month
  11. Write a blog twice a week
  12. Create an Instagram account
  13. Check out MySpace if you’re in the music industry
  14. Check out if you’re into outdoor adventuring or physical fitness
  15. Create a Goodreads account if you’re in writing, reading, books, or anything copyediting related
  16. Create a LinkedIn business page – especially if you’re a recruiter
  17. Write reviews on Yahoo
  18. Write reviews on Yelp
  19. Get listed with
  20. Check your listings on and
  21. Verify Google Places and Google Local listings
  22. Verify Facebook local listings
  25. – create a landing page for each member of your company
  26. – get a business card with a QR Code to bring people to your website and social channels
  27. Post at least 2-3 times a week on Facebook
  28. “like” and comment and repost from local businesses on Facebook
  29. “like” and comment and repost from followers on Facebook
  30. Launch a Facebook contest
  31. Do a poll on Facebook
  32. Link your Pinterest account to your Facebook profile with a custom tab
  33. Link your Twitter account to your Facebook profile with a custom tab
  34. Link your Instagram account to your Facebook profile with a custom tab
  35. Upgrade your account to Facebook’s new GraphSearch format
  36. Tweet at least 3-4 times per week
  37. Retweet interesting people and businesses on Twitter
  38. Schedule posts to Twitter on TweetDeck
  39. Get on Klout or Hootsuite and measure your business engagement
  40. Schedule Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other posts on HootSuite
  41. Create a Google+ Group around your business’ core interests and circle relevant businesses
  42. Find Google+ Communities to circle and interact with
  43. Post interesting local news articles and events on Google+
  44. Verify your business listing on Google Places & Local Listings
  45. Create a FAQ with a blog entry for each question and link each new entry on social media channels
  46. Answer and ask questions on LinkedIn – don’t mention your business, just give great expert advice for free
  47. Post interesting articles and business updates on your Business LinkedIn profile
  48. Find other businesses that are local or in the same industry to connect with on LinkedIn
  49. Endorse your employees’ skills on LinkedIn
  50. Write recommendations for current and past employees on LinkedIn
  51. Ask for recommendations from previous vendors and employees on LinkedIn
  52. Create a shared Pinterest board and invite customers and potential customers
  53. Comment on and repin customer pins that are relevant to your community and business
  54. Search for your products or services on Pinterest and ‘like’ pins that are relevant
  55. Follow customers and businesses in your community on Pinterest
  56. Search for keywords on Pinterest to inspire new boards and pins
  57. Cherry pick your best pins on Pinterest and post them on Twitter and Facebook
  58. Cherry pick your best images from Instagram and pin them on a special Pinterest board
  59. Find great blog posts and images from industry leaders to pin to Pinterest
  60. Pin images from your company website on Pinterest with interesting descriptions – have them link back to different pages on your site
  61. Comment on interesting publisher and industry leader blogs
  62. Join online forums geared toward your industry on MeetUp and LinkedIn and attend events
  63. Tweet from conferences and MeetUps – tag the attendees or presenters you are networking with and find or create a hashtag for the event
  64. Follow-up with interesting though leaders by inviting them to your company profiles or your newsletter
  65. Create a newsletter template that includes social media badges prominently in every new message
  66. Schedule a public Google Hangout and record it, use it as a forum to garner customer engagement and feedback
  67. Do an online survey of existing customers and offer a random drawing prize
  68. Do a contest on Facebook
  69. Do a Poll on Facebook
  70. Post your Google Hangout video on YouTube
  71. Record a weekly vlog on YouTube – use titles from your blog posts to create an interactive video that highlights your business 
  72. Post customer testimonials everywhere
  73. Respond to comments on TripAdvisor, Yelp!, Yahoo, Bing, Google, wherever you can find them. Turn your most vocal critics into Brand Champions by giving them a chance to improve your business as a trusted partner. Usually the people who complain the loudest need your solution the most.
  74. Create an event in your local community, or sponsor an existing one, and post regularly before, during, and after the event to record your business efforts
  75. Donate to at least two charitable organizations each year and highlight your company’s involvement – giving back will benefit everyone.
  76. Put your brand and social media badges on business cards, stationary, pens, t-shirts, wherever you can and send out prize packages to your top 100 most valued customers with special coupons or deals. Make sure you are choosing these people from your email newsletter list, your Facebook followers, Twitter followers, most avid Pinterest followers, and Google+ circled friends to encourage their engagement.
  77. Throw a black tie fundraising event at your business – invite small business owners and promote your favorite non-profit organization – do all of your promotion on the internet:  RSVP, PR, event planning, feedback from attendees, and the non-profit that is being promoted. Record interviews of key people and businesses involved for your YouTube channel.
  78. Invite followers to create a commercial for your business, run a contest for the top 3 and post entries to social media channels, asking for viewers to vote.
  79. Create an app for your business – a ‘points’ tracker, mini game, special effects video editor, photo editor, collection game, check-in counter, something that gives users a special deal at your business if they keep playing.
  80. Make your website mobile and tablet friendly.
  81. Make your email newsletter mobile and tablet friendly.
  82. Offer special deals for Foursquare check-ins and for the ‘mayor’ on Foursquare
  83. Offer a special deal for the 5th, 10th, and 50th check-in at your business
  84. Create a community promotion for Small Business Saturday online, offer a special deal in conjunction with other local businesses that is exclusive to subscribers to your email newsletter.
  85. Interview your favorite customer, post it on your blog, then push it out to all of your social media channels
  86. Interview a thought leader in your industry and write a white paper about the state of the industry
  87. Profile a major national or international company in your industry
  88. If you aren’t famous by now, reposition your company based on feedback from your customers
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