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ChatGPT Is Transforming Marketing – But Still Requires the Human Touch


ChatGPT is all the buzz right now.

Marketing and advertising professionals are debating the pros and cons of artificial intelligence chatbots, but everyone agrees it has the potential to rapidly influence a wide variety of industries.

So is ChatGPT good news or bad? What exactly is it? How will it affect your industry? And should you start using it? Let’s find out.

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a chatbot. Launched in November 2022, it has taken the internet by storm, gaining attention due to its life-like responses and ability to provide detailed answers to user questions.

ChatGPT is programmed to imitate human language. It adapts and learns from user questions and continues to improve its knowledge and interactions. It can answer generic questions, how-to questions, historical queries, and more. Try ChatGPT  for yourself.

Controversy abounds over students’ use of ChatGPT, and the chatbot even passed the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination as an experiment demonstrating its ability to collect and distill information. This powerful tool is also transforming digital marketing as we know it, as it assists marketers in writing content.

How Can You Use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has some beneficial applications. It can be used in programming, copywriting, marketing, information search and translation. Utilizing ChatGPT will save your business time and money. Take a look at specific tasks and automations that ChatGPT can complete:

  • Compile research and information. ChatGPT can analyze large amounts of data, websites and articles to compile ideas, outlines and even complete articles/papers for users. This is useful for digital marketers, copywriters and businesses of all sizes when creating their marketing and content strategies.
  • Generate personalized marketing content and messaging based on your customer data. ChatGPT can analyze customer data and feedback to create effective marketing messages that improve conversion rates. These could be blogs, tailored emails, or social media posts. ChatGPT can identify consumer patterns and trends to keep your marketing strategy relevant to your consumers.
  • Automate sales process, manage aftercare services, and handle customer onboarding process. ChatGPT can reduce the friction in your sales process. You can train ChatGPT to perform a specific task and then integrate the chatbot to perform these tasks automatically. This could include purchasing assistance, customer service and onboarding/welcome emails.
  • Review, write and debug computer code. You can use ChatGPT to generate coding that will fetch product and price data and compile this information into a spreadsheet. ChatGPT can also analyze code to identify errors and debug. The chatbot can be integrated to collect data from APIs in your WooCommerce Store. This allows your business to consolidate large amounts of consumer and sales data.
  • Research keywords and write advertising content. ChatGPT can collect relevant keywords and phrases for your marketing strategy. It can create written content for SEO purposes, such as meta descriptions, emails, landing page copy for Pay Per Click (PPC), social media posts, and ad copy. However, avoid using AI to write blogs and articles, as search engines do not favor AI-written blogs.

Keep in mind, though, that ChatGPT does not always provide 100% accuracy. Always review the content ChatGPT creates before publishing.

ChatGPT: Your Worst Enemy or Greatest Ally?

With new AI technology and ChatGPT, professionals in affected industries want to know if this is a good change or another layoff wave waiting to happen. Will ChatGPT enhance your work or make you obsolete?

According to Melih Oztalay, CEO of SmartFinds Marketing in Birmingham, ChatGPT will become a valuable marketing tool – when  implemented effectively. Although ChatGPT can write an entire paper from scratch, it’s not necessarily the greatest content. Why? Because it sources its information from the internet to write content and answer questions. This means the content could be based on inaccurate information.

While ChatGPT may help overcome writer’s block or answers to general search queries, it will not completely replace the human touch. Copywriters, marketers and other professionals will still need to oversee ChatGPT and improve the content it creates.

ChatGPT also requires training to perform certain tasks, so new jobs will be created to manage and train AI and new chatbots.

However you utilize this new tool, rest assured it is not here to eradicate the need for people. ChatGPT makes it possible for humans to create better content faster.

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