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Check Your Phone – Google Just Changed Its Mobile Website Rules

Does your website look like a mini eye chart?

You are not alone. Many websites were not designed for use on a phone or tablet. As mobile phone and tablet usage increase, your business needs a mobile-friendly site. To find out if your site is considered “Mobile Friendly” by Google, use their free tool.


  • 91% of US consumers own a mobile phone (
  • 80% of Internet users own a smartphone (Global Web Index)
  • 47% of Internet users have a tablet (Global Web Index)
  • 48% of mobile research starts on search engines (
  • 49% of US cell phone owners use their phone to get directions and recommendations (pew

Fix it now!

Don’t let your competition beat you in search rankings. Google will now favor websites that are mobile-friendly. If your site is not ready, competitors will have an edge. While Google says it will not punish sites that are not mobile friendly, it will happen naturally as more and more of your competitors optimize their websites for mobile use.

How are people seeing your business on their phones?

  • Look at your website on a phone or tablet:
    • Is it an unreadable mini version of your site?
    • Can you easily find
      • Your phone number? Can you click the number for quick calling?
      • Your hours of operation?
      • Your business address and directions?
  •  Use Google’s free tool to check your site for mobile compatibility.

2 Ways to solve the problem

  • Option 1:
    Build a mobile website where phones and tablets will be directed
    when they visit your website. This inexpensive solution (Starting at $259)
    provides information people are likely searching for.
  • Option 2:
    Build a responsive website that adjusts itself to the size screen it is
    displayed on. This allows users to have a great experience on your
    site no matter the device they use. (Starting at $850)

No matter what your business, your customers are using their cell phones and tablets to find your business. Make sure you help them with a mobile-friendly site.

That’s where Dream Local comes in. At Dream Local Digital, we will make your website mobile-friendly. Whether you would like us to build a mobile-friendly landing page or rebuild your website so that it is entirely mobile optimized, our staff will help you through the process.Click below to get in touch and have us review your website and discuss options.

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