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Content is King in the Blogosphere

Content is King in the Blogosphere

Use Content to Connect with your Audience

Internet users want content. We want to spend the day reading, communicating, reaching out and being heard. And when we read something that reflects our experience, worldview and state of mind, we feel that we have been heard. When you blog for your business, you need to connect with your audience by creating content that is relevant, informative and well-written.

Be Meaningful

Some cynics might tell you that all you need is words on a page, nothing of substance, nothing that even makes sense: just a bunch of relevant keywords and phrases will do the job as far as Google is concerned. We’re here to tell you that’s not so.

Content and language still matter. Good writing counts for a lot. Just because it’s going up on the internet – tomorrow’s metaphorical bird cage liner – doesn’t mean you can get away with unprofessional craftsmanship. Yes, blog posts come and go, and maybe yours will be seen only briefly by some poor schlub in a cubicle dripping egg yolk from a breakfast sandwich onto his unfortunate shirt. But it can also exist forever, both online and in the impression you’ve made on your audience. Take pride in your work. Take a few moments to craft each sentence to say something meaningful, with proper grammar and spelling and attention to style. You don’t have to be Flaubert, but show your audience some respect and give them a little credit. A thoughtful sentence will be rewarded in time.

The internet can be considered “…a tale/Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury/Signifying nothing,” to quote that proto-blogger Shakespeare. It is populated with vapid pop idols and pompous politicians. But it’s also a medium of democracy and social justice, of sharing the experience of humanity with all its tragedy and comedy. You can contribute to this record in a meaningful way. You have something to say: be heard. Your blog is your forum and your sounding board. Make your content authentic. Write about topics you feel passionate about. Join a dialogue that’s ongoing or start writing on a subject you feel needs to be explored and better understood.

Consider your Audience

Knowing your audience is one of the keys to successful writing. Be relevant to their interests, and be aware of how those interests relate to yours. If your field of business is in the news, write about it, adding your insight and opinion, even if it’s scandalous, even if it’s mundane.

Read to Write Better

Creating content doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Good writers are avid readers. Compile a feed of relevant periodicals, websites and blogs that have a point of view. You’ll find your creative juices flowing once you start reading. You may be inspired to write a counterpoint piece or to show your support for a colleague or a point of view. Add evidence or first-person experience. Contribute something new. The internet loves novelty almost as much as it loves consistency. Once you get into the habit of updating your blog regularly, you’ll wonder why you ever had trouble. It’s kind of addictive.

We can Help

Quality content must be an integral part of your blogging strategy.

If you want to work with professional writers and marketing strategists who know how to get good content written and read, contact Dream Local Digital. We can’t wait to collaborate on your blog.

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