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Creating an Effective Digital Marketing Mix


According to Hubspot, it takes someone seeing your message seven times to take action or make a purchase.

That’s why using multiple digital marketing tactics is essential to get results. You have to stay in front of people wherever they go.

This means using a mixed marketing approach. Diversify where you invest your marketing budget, so to speak.

How do you do this effectively? What locations and platforms should you include in your strategy?

Let’s find out.

What is multichannel marketing?

A mixed marketing strategy promotes a unified message across multiple channels and platforms. A multichannel marketing strategy is more effective in generating leads and staying top of mind.

For example, a mixed digital marketing strategy may include Instagram and Tiktok short videos, regular blog content on your website, email marketing and paid ads.

Marketers and agency owners encourage a multichannel, mixed-marketing approach to improve your marketing investments’ ROI. A multichannel approach also simplifies the customer journey. Businesses see an increase in leads/sales when using a marketing model that unifies the brand message across channels and maximizes engagement.

Lastly, a multichannel approach will enable you to diversify your marketing tactics and utilize each channel’s unique advantages. For example, social media can be a great place to build your brand reputation and trust through video content. However, email marketing allows you to retain customers and move leads through the sales funnel.

What are the benefits of multichannel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing offers benefits that improve your customer acquisition and retention. These include:

  • Boosting Engagement
  • Improving Reach and Efficiency
  • Demonstrating a Consistent Brand

Overall, businesses and brands that take a multichannel approach and market using a minimum of four different channels see up to a 300% increase in ROI.

When you implement this strategy, you will get your message in front of more people more often. This means you are more likely to reach the Hubspot statistic of seven views leading to customer action.

What are the challenges with using a mixed or multichannel marketing strategy?

Multichannel marketing is not without its challenges.

  • Marketing Attribution – Your marketing efforts must be holistic and data-driven, especially when using a multichannel approach. One marketing model that assists with this is a unified marketing measurement. When focusing on many channels, your marketing messages need to be cultivated strategically and chosen based on user response. Different messages will trigger different responses.
  • MultiChannel Management – Efficiently managing multiple channels is a feat in and of itself. This requires more manpower, planning and strategy. Various software can be used to track analytics and schedule posts/content. You will need to keep up with trends, marketing innovations, ad trends, etc. This is one of the most time-consuming aspects. Working with an experienced marketing partner is a good solution to this challenge.
  • Personalizing Marketing Messages – Your messages need to resonate with your audience. This means they need to be effective and personalized. But that can be hard to do when you are marketing to thousands of individuals with one message. More focus and attention should be placed on research and target analysis. Demographics, purchase history, psychographic data, and customer behavior must be tracked and understood. Experienced digital marketers can assist in tracking and interpreting this data.

How do I start an effective digital marketing mix?

These are the steps you can take to create your multichannel marketing strategy.

  • Avoid organizational miscommunication – Ensure your entire business, agency, or company is unified in a goal or cause. Clearly communicate the value of your product or service so your organization presents a unified front. This means you need to have this information clearly defined for yourself. Why do you do what you do? What value does it bring to your customers? What value do you get out of it?
  • Use a multichannel marketing platform – There are a variety of platforms and software that enable business owners to share the same marketing message on various channels.
  • Collect data to understand your target audience – Thorough market research will allow you to strategically create and deploy marketing messages efficiently. Optimize your marketing analytics to collect as much data as possible and to keep your user data up to date.
  • Develop consistent marketing messaging and content – Create consistent brand messaging that users and leads recognize. This ensures your customers recognize your brand and product, it also helps you stay top-of-mind when a lead is ready to take action.

You could put all of this together yourself or with an in-house marketing team. Or you could work with an experienced strategic partner. Dream Local Digital marketing packages utilize multiple marketing tactics. We can personalize an effective multichannel marketing strategy that provides all the benefits you’re seeking to take your marketing to the next level.

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