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Daily Must Reads

“A lot of people thought it was a very bad idea, from both a product and a strategic standpoint.”

1. This is what happens when Facebook controls the signal, and it defines you as noise (Mathew Ingram, GigaOm)

2. Upworthy to Run Native Ads That Try to Make You Feel Good (Michael Sebastian, AdAge)

3. Report: Google+ Brand Posts Get Twice the Engagement of Tweets (Nate Elliott, Forrester)

4. Sorrell on native: inevitable blurring of editorial and advertising (Brian Morrissey, Digiday)

5. How Gmail Happened: The Inside Story of Its Launch 10 Years Ago Today (Harry McCracken, TIME)

Plus, Mike Barnicle’s story about ‘The Timeless Beauty of Baseball.’ “Put on a glove, watch a game, and the years fall away, time stands still, and the joy of baseball reminds you again of life’s eternal sweetness.”

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