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Digital Agency Summit – How it was Tweeted, Part 2

Picking up from yesterday, we’ve been keeping an eye on the Twitter feed for the The Local Media Association / BIA Kelsey Digital Agency Summit, day 2. With presentations discussing video, sales, recruitment, and more, the focus of the conference is centered on best practices for local media digital agencies.

The Tweeters were really active today. Here are some day 2 highlights from our perspective.

Video – An Important & Growing Part of the Digital Agency Product Mix – with Lisa Bishop, Nirali Jain, & Greg Bobolo








Selling Agency Services with an Inside Sales Team – with Peter Newton






Maximizing Search Revenue – with Amie Stein











Centro Affiliate Program for Digital Agencies – with Garrett McClure, Orlando Comas, Tom Schager, & Adam Burnham











Why Recruitment Should be Part of Your Digital Agency Offerings – with Shannon Kinney and Brendan Shea







Top Five Ways to Monetize Social – with Brendan King, Chris Marentis, Steve Weaver, Trevor Sumner, and Charles Laughlin

















Email Marketing – An Important Part of the Digital Agency Package – with Ruth Presslaff






by Jeff Howland

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