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Dispelling 8 Social Media Myths to Unleash the Potential of Your Business

Digital marketing and social media strategy are vital to your business growth. With thousands of “marketing gurus” and experts giving marketing advice like how many times to post a day and whether you need to create perfect media to use online, how do you know what actually works and what doesn’t?

We’re going to debunk some social media myths for you so you’ll have the right answer to these questions.

Social media is free

False, it costs your time, and if you want to get significant engagement and traction, you likely need to have a paid ads strategy as well. While the app itself and account may be free, a social media strategy that actually boosts your revenue and increases leads will likely cost you ad dollars. It’s important to have a solid plan before putting money into ads because done incorrectly, you could be spending money and getting no results.

Your business needs to be on every social media channel

False. Figure out where your audience is and put your focus on those channels. If your ideal customer uses Facebook, then market your company on Facebook. If your target customer isn’t on LinkedIn, don’t waste your time or ad dollars on this platform.

Your digital marketing strategy should identify your ideal customer profile to know where they spend their time and what their engagement behaviors are.

You have to post different content on every channel

Wrong. No one has time for that. It’s perfectly acceptable to use the same content on all your channels; just optimize it for that channel. Many businesses optimize one blog or video to be shared across various channels, podcasts, Youtube, and LinkedIn posts. You can too.

You should be posting to your channels multiple times a day every day

Wrong. It’s not about volume; it’s about quality and consistency. If consumers are bombarded with low-quality content that provides no value, they will not engage or convert. This is very much a quality-over-quantity factor.

Invest in a thorough content strategy and work with a digital marketing service that delivers content that your customers love!

Images and videos must be perfect

Wrong. Images and videos should be high quality in the sense that they aren’t blurry and they should be sized correctly for the channel. Images and videos should be authentic and match your brand.

Imperfections can add a human touch and make content more relatable to viewers. Authenticity is key on social media, and sometimes a raw or unpolished video can resonate more with an audience than a perfectly edited one.

Additionally, not everyone has access to professional equipment or editing software, and that’s okay. As long as the content is engaging and provides value to the audience, it can still be successful on social media, regardless of its level of perfection.

Scheduling tools hurt content performance

False. Using scheduling tools helps you prioritize your time and create a plan. Using social media scheduling tools can streamline content creation and ensure posts are published at optimal times. Scheduling increases consistency and engagement and allows for better content planning. It’s a valuable tool for maximizing social media impact. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars a month, there are low-cost options available.

Social media channels are only for broadcasting your message

False. To be effective on social media, you need your audience to engage. If users just see your content and keep scrolling, that does you very little good. You need them to comment, react, share, and, most importantly — click. If your content is being seen but no one is taking action, make adjustments to your messaging, or determine if you’re reaching the right audience.

It’s all about follower count

Wrong. While having more followers does mean your content will likely be seen by a larger group of potential customers, it shouldn’t be the only metric you care about. If you have a million followers but have low engagement and click-through rates, having all those followers doesn’t improve your bottom line.

Your number of followers doesn’t necessarily translate to success on social media. Instead of focusing on the number of followers, focus on the quality of engagement with your audience to increase conversions.

For businesses and entrepreneurs looking to improve their social media presence and strategy, our marketing experts leverage a range of carefully curated packages tailored to suit the social media channels where your customers hang out. By implementing innovative strategies, we enhance your engagement, foster audience loyalty, and ultimately boost your marketing return on investment (ROI).

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