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Dream Local Digital hires client success administrator, Katie Bradshaw


Get to know our newest #HoneyBadger, Katie.

Katie was born in Arizona, but she’s spent the majority of her life on the Maine coast. She is in her junior year at the University of Maine and is working towards her degree in Social/Abnormal Psychology. Katie’s interest in human psychology was sparked by her passion for canine learning and behavior, and she’s been chasing answers for how to better communicate with people and our furry counterparts for years. Katie’s long-term goal is to create a life that allows her to raise and train service dogs for veterans with both physical and psychiatric disabilities.

Katie has worked in a variety of roles in the service industry, but found that her work and interests always drew her back to social media and how people communicate, share themselves and their stories. She says she’s fascinated by the way digital media has exploded in her lifetime and has changed, and continues to diversify, the social landscape.

Katie’s spends her free time studying, taking photographs, researching wildlife conservation efforts, watching funny animal videos and TED talks on YouTube, and playing video games and hiking with her boyfriend. She spends a lot of time training with her fur child, Dexter, in hopes of doing competitive K9 Freestyle with him one day.

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